Job with a purpose

    IFU is a purpose-driven impact investor promoting investments that contribute to the development of green, just and inclusive societies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and parts of Europe.

    Working at IFU, you will play a key role in fulfilling our goal to be a best-in-class impact investor making commercial private sector investments that support the green transition, as well as building just and inclusive societies in developing countries and emerging markets.

    IFU is a purpose-driven organisation with a strong focus on creating sustainable and responsible businesses, which generate measurable social, economic and climate impacts as well as solid financial returns.

    We have a strong set of values that guides us in our work with external partners and colleagues.

    First and foremost, we care for the future. This translates into IFU being a responsible investor that promotes sustainable development for people and planet. We care about the long-term impact of our actions, and are equally uncompromising in our pursuit of impact and return.

    Moreover, we strive with courage and do our outmost to succeed in making impactful investments in difficult markets by pushing the boundaries and continuously seeking to improve. But we don’t cut corners. We always act with responsibility and integrity in all our investments and daily work.

    Finally, we are convinced that we can make a difference together, when we trust, value and respect each other, as well as build on teamwork and partnerships for delivering results.

    We offer a busy and informal work environment with a strong learning culture and a high degree of personal responsibility in the job. You will join a diverse workforce based in Copenhagen and in developing countries. For some positions travelling will be an integrated part of the job.

    If you can associate with our way of doing business, and are interested in having a job with a clear purpose, we welcome you to apply for a job with IFU.

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    Meet the people of IFU

    Learning and development are part of IFU's DNA.

    We are proud of our organisation, and see it as a common responsibility to develop our colleagues. Learning and development are part of our DNA. With a hybrid mindset, we meet across the organisation, and virtually across time zones on a daily basis.

    Insight and diversity
    IFU is proud of our focus on diversity and inclusion:

    • 18 nationalities are represented among IFU’s employees
    • 40% of IFU’s employees are women
    • IFU has around 115 employees, and we are growing

    Whether you are an experienced investment professional or a young professional with a few years of experience, or have professional experience within sustainability, law, finance, etc., you will get the opportunity to develop your career and improve your competences.

    We continuously focus on learning and development – to strengthen our competences from a professional as well as a personal perspective. Many colleagues have high seniority, and the knowledge and experience of IFU’s employees are our strongest resources and vital to solving our impact purpose.

    Below you can watch and learn more about how we work and use our different skills and experience to create impact and financial return.

    Birgitte Bang Nielsen, Sustainability Director

    Birgitte has been with IFU since 2006 and is part of the Sustainability and Impact Team.

    Milinda Wasalathanthri

    Milinda has been with IFU since 2020 and is an Investment Director with the Green Energy and Infrastrcuture Team.

    Open positions

    IFU provides many opportunities to build your career in a knowledge-based international organisation.

    Available positions are posted on this page. You are welcome to apply uninvited as well, see ‘Unsolicited applications’ below.

    IFU is a knowledge-based international organisation with employees spanning over 20 different nationalities. We are more than 100 employees, and about 20 per cent of the organisation is working in our regional offices around the world.

    One of our core competencies is the ability to combine knowledge and skills across functions, people, borders and cultures. This means that we have an international perspective, and that we continuously develop the organisation to provide a high level of professionalism.

    Student, Applications & Data Lab

    Keep an eye on our vacancies
    Follow IFU on LinkedIn to see when relevant jobs are posted.

    Unsolicited applications

    We welcome unsolicited applications, which we evaluate on an ongoing basis.

    Please send your unsolicited application to:

    IFU will contact the applicants with whom we would like to enter into dialogue, possibly in a non-binding interview. All other applications will be deleted from our systems in accordance with GDPR.

    Your application

    If you find a position interesting and believe that you qualify for the role, we encourage you to apply.

    Before writing your application, make sure that you have read the job posting thoroughly.

    English is our business language. Unless it is stated specifically in the job advertisement that you can write your application in the local language, we would like to receive your application in English.

    Consider & ask yourself before applying
    A good, motivated application is typically short and precise. Tell us why you are applying, while you relate to IFU’s requirements and expectations for a future employee in the position in question.

    Cover letter
    Please consider and reflect on the following questions in your cover letter:

    1. Motivation – why are you interested in a job at IFU?
    2. Job location – does it match your personal circumstances?
    3. Education and background?
    4. Skills and competences related to the position
    5. Language skills

    For investment professionals

    6. Experience from developing countries?

    • Global mindset
    • Open for business travelling
    • Learning and working in global teams

    7. Education and background
    8. Skills and competences related to the position, e.g.

    •  Fundamental analysis/business acumen
    • Modelling and financial analysis
    • Impact creation and E&S
    • Deal making, including legal aspects
    • Crisp and clear presentations

     Use the right email address for your application
    We ask you to send your application (cover letter and CV) to the email address mentioned in the job advertisement.

    • Open positions: Please send your application to the job mail mentioned in the job posting
    • Unsolicited applications: Please send your application to

    In some instances IFU uses recruiters/search companies, who will handle applications directly through a link.

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    We believe that you can start your career already when you are a student and hold a student job.

    We take responsibility when it comes to developing our students’ skills and motivate them to grow in our organisation as well as in their future career.

    A number of our students have started their career in IFU and moved on to a permanent position in the organisation.

    Student life in IFU
    As a student in IFU, you will be part of IFU meetings, social events and team days. All our students are IFU colleagues.

    You will meet other students in IFU, in the same team or in other parts of the organisation. Collaboration and knowledge sharing bring value to us all, and you will get good insight into different areas in IFU, how we collaborate and our processes.

    Your work schedule will be flexible, taking exams into consideration.

    The students are a close-knit group and often plan social events.

    Recruitment of students
    Every year, we recruit several students, primarily at bachelor level. We believe that we can offer students skills development and competences during their student career at IFU.

    • Vacant positions as students will be posted on Jobteaser and IFU’s website. Cooperating with Jobteaser brings IFU closer to business schools and universities, and we target each open position to the relevant institutions.
    • The student recruitment process aligns very much with the recruitment process in IFU, meaning that you will be invited to interviews and be asked to prepare and present a case.
    • You will meet the hiring manager, a colleague and HR during the process, because we believe that recruitment is a common responsibility, and we believe that it is valuable for a candidate to meet more employees in the organisation before accepting a student position in IFU.

    IFU uses Master test tools in all recruitments, including student positions.


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    Here you can read the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about IFU's recruitment process.

    In which language should I write my application?
    English is our business language.

    Unless it is specifically stated in the job advertisement that you can write your application in the local language, we would like to receive your application in English.

    In our recruitment process, we always involve colleagues from several IFU offices, as we have a joint responsibility to find the right candidate for our vacancies.

    How do I submit my application?
    The job advertisement contains information on how to forward your application.

    Only applications forwarded correctly (to an IFU email or relevant recruiter/search company) will be assessed in connection with the screening of applicants for the vacant position.

    How do I know that IFU has received my application?
    When IFU receives your application at the email address mentioned in the job advertisement, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt of your application.

    When the application deadline has been reached, you should expect that it will take a few days before you will be contacted by phone or via email depending on whether IFU has chosen to start a dialogue with you, or IFU has chosen to proceed with other candidates.

    How does IFU assess my application?
    Assessment of the candidates is essential for IFU to ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process with the aim of finding the most suitable candidate who has the right qualifications and not least the potential to develop in the role.

    In the recruitment process, HR and professionals participate in the screening process and a structured assessment is carried out after each interview round.

    We are naturally also very interested to know your motivation for becoming part of IFU. Why should IFU hire you?

    IFU is always looking for candidates with an attitude and a profile that match our values.

    A high degree of professionalism becomes even better when paired with your personal enthusiasm and dedication to the job.

    Can I still be considered for the position, if I live in a country other than where the open position is located?
    Yes, if you have indicated in your application that you are willing to relocate to the country of the open position.

    In most of our recruitments, we have applicants from abroad. It is an important part of the screening process to align expectations when it comes to the location of the open position, taking professional qualifications as well as job experience into consideration.

    For applicants abroad, round 1 interviews will typically take place on Teams, and round 2 interviews will preferably be conducted in the country of the open position.

    Are tests used in the recruitment process?
    IFU uses Master test tools in all recruitments, regardless of whether you are applying for a position as an investment professional, an administrative role, an interim position, a student position or something else.

    IFU uses the test results as a dialogue tool, which gives IFU the opportunity to ask the candidate  exploratory questions.

    All candidates who complete the Master test will receive feedback from HR, who are certified in the Master test.

    • ACE test

    The test evaluates the ability for logical analytical reasoning, or, in other words, the ability to identify patterns and complex relations in information in order to draw conclusions and drive results. This is an ability we use to acquire new knowledge, validate arguments, solve problems and prepare action plans.

    • MPA test

    The test is a personality test that provides insight into personality traits, which are essential to behaviour and performance at work.

    The quality of MPA is well documented and meets international standards.

    What is IFU’s recruitment circle process?

    IFU’s recruitment process is designed as follows:

    • Screening applications
    • Defining longlist
    • Contacting longlist candidates to clarify their motivation and expectations
    • Round 1 – case interview with prior preparation time in response to assignments in case
    • Assessment and defining shortlist
    • Online test should be completed by candidates
    • Round 2 – case interview with prior preparation time in response to assignments in case + feedback on Master test

    Candidates will meet not only hiring manager and HR, but also future colleagues on different levels.

    In IFU, we have a common responsibility to choose our new colleagues.

    Assessment of the individual candidates is essential for IFU to ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process with the aim of finding the most suitable candidate, who has the right qualifications and not least the potential to develop in the role.

    How do I best prepare for a job interview?
    When you write your application, we recommend that you follow our guidelines as described under the item “Your application”

    To best prepare for an interview, be authentic in your presentation of yourself and focus on what you can contribute with and your experience from previous jobs.

    What does it take to get a job at IFU?
    IFU sets the bar high, because we want to maintain a unique culture where we are dedicated to our jobs, striving to develop both professionally and personally.

    We expect you to have your toolbox in order, and that you focus on learning and development.

    IFU is always looking for people, who are interested in working with us, and would like to help make a difference.

    IFU is a global organisation, where diversity and cultural understanding, and not least an international mindset and the ability to collaborate with colleagues across professional and national boundaries are of the essence.

    At what level should my English skills be?
    Our company language is English. Regardless of the position, we expect you to master English at a high level, as you will communicate with colleagues in English on a daily basis.

    Does IFU have an onboarding programme?
    IFU has an elaborate onboarding programme, whether you are based in Copenhagen or in one of our regional offices.

    We know that the first 90 days on the job are the most critical for new hire experience, and therefore we invest resources in IFU to help newcomers succeed from day one.

    Is it possible to be posted on a secondment leave to another IFU office for a longer period of time?
    IFU wants to attract and retain employees in our organisation. Having the opportunity to develop both personal and professional skills, build network, and better understand different cultures, and not least to build an understanding of the impact IFU makes through our investments, helps to promote global cooperation across the organisation and our offices.

    A secondment stay is a mandatory part of the onboarding programme for all new employees joining outside IFU’s head office in Denmark, but it can also be used as an integrated part of a development plan for both IPs and in general in the organisation.

    Pre-requisite for this type of secondment is a minimum seniority of 18 months, when the secondment commences, and that the secondment is in line with the individual development plan. A secondment for development purposes can be to another IFU office or other organisations/entities that IFU makes an agreement with, and will typically be for 3-5.5 months.

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