5 December 2008


On 1 January 2009, Torben Huss will take up the position as new Deputy Managing Director of the two investment funds, the Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) and the Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe (IØ).

In the past 6 years, Torben has been Department Director of IFU and IØ’s Project Development Department, which gives advice and makes screenings in connection with new project investments.

Torben Huss has a Master in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD in international economics from Copenhagen Business School.

The purpose of IFU and IØ is to advise Danish companies and co-invest with them in the developing countries and eastern Europe in order to enhance sustainable economic growth and development in those countries. IFU and IØ work on market terms.

In the past years, IFU has increased its focus on Africa, and in future, IFU will also focus on climate and energy investments in the developing countries. Investments in Africa have been increased, and they now represent one third of IFU’s total investments. At the same time, the income has increased significantly.

– I look forward to being Deputy Managing Director, and I will continue to increase our investments in Africa and contribute to Danish companies utilising the great business opportunities in the developing countries, says Torben Huss.

– It is also my ambition to continue the positive development in our income, while focusing strongly on improving the development in the countries where we invest, says Torben Huss.

Torben Huss has broad experience from Denmark and abroad. He was employed as an expert at the United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, UNCTC, that advised developing countries on policies and regulation of foreign investments. Torben Huss has also been Department Director in IØ and Head of IFU’s regional office for Latin America in Mexico City.

Torben Huss is a member of the Advisory Board for Center on International Outsourcing at Copenhagen Business School, where he is also an external examiner.

Torben Huss lives in Charlottenlund. He is married to Helle Huss, Vice President in NNIT A/S. They have two children, Cecilie, 17, and Christoffer, 12.

For further information, please contact Rune Nørgaard, Head of Communications, tel. +45 33 63 75 60