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IFU's Nairobi office provides on-location advice to Danish companies wishing to set up operations in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania

IFU has completed more than 50 investments in East Africa in partnership with Danish companies.

More than 45 years of experience in East Africa

IFU made its first investments in Kenya in 1970. Since then, IFU has invested in a range of sectors including manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare, textiles, tourism as well as hotels and restaurants.

IFU’s portfolio of project companies in Africa can be viewed here.

Providing capital and advisory services from own offices

IFU provides advisory services and risk capital. The typical involvement in a project starts at the planning stage, continues during the establishment phase until the new company is able to operate on its own. When the shares are sold or the loan is repaid, the proceeds are reinvested in new project companies.

IFU’s regional office in Nairobi, Kenya, provides on-location advisory services. The employees serve on the boards of a number of the companies established in partnership with Danish companies.

Employees in NAIROBI


Njeri Mungai Ngaruiya

Investment Director +45 33 63 75 91 +254 712 980 553

Samuel Githinji Wathondu

Investment Director +45 33 63 75 08 +254 722 593 799