11 September 2012


The winner of IFU’s CSR awards 2012 will be announced at the CSR AWARDS that takes place in Sønderborg, Denmark on 14 November. Three companies have been nominated for the award: FynBloem, Danosha and Karen Blixen Camp.

For the second time IFU is handing out the CSR Investment award to a Danish company that has made it a part of its strategy to make a special effort for sustainability, environment and people in developing countries.

– We created the CSR Investment award because we would like to show that Danish companies can do business and at the same time contribute positively to the environment and create economic and social progress in the developing countries, says Birgitte Bang Nielsen, IFU’s head of CSR.

IFU has nominated three companies for the CSR Investment award. They will now be presented to an independent jury that will appoint the winner. The three companies are:

FynBloem, South Africa

Danosha, Ukraine

Karen Blixen Camp, Kenya

The nominees have all shown that it is possible to create synergy between commercial business and CSR. They have integrated CSR in their business strategy and are involved in the communities where they run their business.

Fynbloem grows, reaps and packs Protea flowers – the national flower of South Africa. The flowers are both sold locally in South Africa and exported to overseas markets. The principles of the UN Global Compact are cornerstones in the business, and CSR is anchored in the organisation and an integral part of the decision process. CSR performance is part of the remuneration of the individual employee and of the teams.

Danosha is the second largest pig producer in Ukraine and runs a state-of-the-art and effective pig production meeting the highest EU standards for environment, occupational health and safety, animal welfare and food safety. CSR is an integral part of Danosha’s business concept, and respect and care for people, animals and the environment are core values of the company.

Karen Blixen Camp is a sustainable safari camp, heavily involved with the protection of the unique Masai Mara ecosystem and its rich wildlife. The camp employs local Masai people, uses green technology and recycles most of its waste. KBC has established a school for cooks and a forestry school for young Masai people.

The CSR Investment award is handed out in connection with the CSR AWARDS, which will be attended by 1,000 Danish and international representatives of companies, politics, organisations and universities. 12 CSR awards will be presented at the CSR AWARDS that takes place in Sønderborg, Denmark on 13-14 November 2012.