7 July 2021


With financial support from Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF), Danish companies have established seven bridges with roads and slip roads in northern Ghana. Despite corona challenges the project was carried out on time and within budget.

In northern Ghana, it has so far been impossible to cross a number of rivers during the rainy season. However, seven new bridges, 27 kilometres of road and slip roads have created access all year round, which will increase economic growth and improve living conditions in the region. Furthermore, the area is now better equipped to withstand climate challenges in the future.

The project has been carried out by Sweco, which has designed and projected the bridges, and with Munck Civil Engineering in charge of construction. Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF) has granted economic support and provided funding for the project, which is partially financed by the Ghanaian government. The total project amount was EUR 23.9m

Finished on time and within budget
Since the autumn of 2018, a construction team of 30 international and 550 local workers have moved 1.7m cubic metres of soil, drilled holes for 2,885 metres of pillars and cast 23,000 cubic metres of concrete for the seven bridges, which are constructed as so-called composite bridges in concrete and steel at a length between 25 and 125 metres.

Construction was logistically challenging, because it took place in a large and unwieldy geographical area, was challenged by heavy floods during the rainy season and affected by restrictions and delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the many challenges, the project was recently handed over on time and within the agreed budget.

“The project is an important contribution to improving the infrastructure in northern Ghana and equip the area to better withstand floods occurring e.g. as a result of climate change.  It can provide the foundation for increased growth and better living conditions for people in the region. It is quite impressive that the construction was done on time and within budget despite difficult conditions and delays due to Covid-19.”

Torben Huss, CEO of IFU.

Watch video from Munck Civil Engineering.