10 November 2014


Scancom won the prize for their year-long efforts to incorporate CSR in their business strategy, where considerations for environment, people and use of materials play an important part.

At this year’s CSR Award show held on 30 October, the Minister for Trade and Development Mogens Jensen presented the CSR Abroad prize to Scancom Vietnam. In his speech the Minister emphasized that Scancom Vietnam won the prize because the company has worked consistently to ensure compliance with human and labour rights and creating incentive – through a bonus system – to procedures and rules within CSR being respected. Furthermore, Mogens Jensen emphasized the cooperation with suppliers and the environmental sustainability.

“It is well deserved that Scancom wins the award, said Tommy Thomsen, CEO of IFU. He continued: “We have worked with Scancom for several years, and all the way they have proved the commitment to social responsibility and developed their efforts. Today, they stand out as the foremost example of a business in a developing country operating without compromising etichs and moral.”

Scancom is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture based on FSC certified wood. The company has its main office and production in Vietnam, and further production in Brazil and Indonesia. Scancom employs 35,000 people, of whom 5,000 are employed in the company’s own production. Scancom has an extensive CSR programme, which is an integrated part of the business strategy. The programme also includes the company’s many suppliers, who are controlled regularly. The company works closely with the unions and has introduced a special bonus system that induce the employees to comply with CSR rules and procedures.

The prize was established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IFU

The prize was established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IFU, because the two organisations would like to place focus on Danish companies that make a special effort to promote social responsibility in developing countries and emerging markets.