5 March 2013


IFU has appointed Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj as new head of IFU’s regional office in Kenya. His current position is investment manager at IFU Copenhagen.

On 10 March Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj will move to Kenya and take up the position as head of IFU’s regional office located in the capital Nairobi.

Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj will take over a portfolio of about 20 companies in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The companies are established by Danish companies in collaboration with IFU contributing with advisory and financial services in the form of equity and loans.

Eastern Africa is developing and despite the global economic crisis the economic growth has been in the range of four to six per cent in recent years. The countries in the region are working on creating an internal market, which is to eliminate trade barriers and ease cross border trade.

– I look forward to working in Kenya and its neighbouring countries. It is a promising region with a good business potential for Danish companies, said Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj.

Besides servicing existing companies in the current portfolio, Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj will also assist Danish companies in establishing new companies in the region. His task is to provide advisory services in relation to financing, business conditions, location, contact to local authorities etc.

Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj holds a master’s degree (Finance and Strategic Management) from Copenhagen Business School. Prior to working in IFU he worked with Ernst & Young and TEEKAY Shipping in Canada.

Knud Lundgaard-Karlshøj will bring his wife and two children with him to Kenya.