1 September 2020


IFU is among the five Danish companies that have been appointed to the SMV COP 2020 list of the best sustainability reports. One of the motivations for the appointment is that IFU’s report ties its sustainability strategy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, mentioning underlying indicators. It is also specific when it comes to IFU’s actions and results within each of the goals identified. Furthermore, the use of relevant cases and high transparency about tax are emphasized.

– We are very proud to be one of the five companies on this year’s list of the best sustainability reports, said Torben Huss, CEO of IFU.

IFU’s objective is to invest in companies in developing countries and thereby contribute to social, environmental and economic development and support the fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is therefore imperative for IFU to continuously follow up and contribute to maximising the companies’ impact in the investment countries, as well as their economic performance.

“In our experience, sustainable companies have the best financial performance and make the greatest positive contribution to our investment countries. But to maintain positive development, we need to follow up continuously and enter into dialogue with the surrounding world, and this is where the annual sustainability report plays an important role.”

Torben Huss, CEO, IFU

Specific results

IFU Sustainability and Impact Report sums up how IFU’s 200 investments contribute to development effects and meet the sustainability demands of the fund. This includes job creation, local tax payments, financial inclusion and climate as well as gender equality, anti-corruption and healthy jobs.

The report shows that IFU’s portfolio companies employ nearly 255,000 people, that local taxes of more than DKK 3bn were reported in 2019, and that IFU’s microfinance investments contribute to serving 25 clients, of whom 20 million are women. Furthermore, the report includes the number of direct investments working actively with e.g. occupational health and safety, minimizing energy consumption and anti-corruption.

– The report provides solid insight into which companies are on the right track, and which companies are facing challenges that we need to follow up on more closely. For instance, the report shows that more than two thirds of our direct investments are working on promoting gender equality. But we would like to get everyone on board, and we are now entering into closer dialogue with the remaining third to increase their efforts, said Torben Huss.

Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

IFU focuses on contributing to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals and has through a systematic effort linked the indicators of the individual goals to sustainability policies and developed KPIs, which the fund will contribute to through its investments.

– I think we have come a long way working with the Sustainable Development Goals, and I am particularly happy that we have created a systematic approach, which makes our results visible and can create the foundation for further efforts in the years to come, said Torben Huss.

The SMC COP is a collaboration between Global Compact Network Denmark and FSR – Danske Revisorer.

IFU Sustainability and Impact Report

Photo: Nils Meilvang