21 October 2020


The covid-19 pandemic has led to a massive slowdown of the African economy. By supporting a training programme in Asilia Africa, IFU gives 70 young Africans the opportunity to use the standstill in the tourism sector to acquire new competencies, giving them better job and career opportunities when things return to normal. In future, IFU will focus even more on training in the project companies.

There is a general lack of training in Africa, and many young Africans in particular struggle to find jobs in the formal economy. IFU wishes to change that and will therefore focus on how IFU’s project companies can contribute to training and qualifying more Africans. The objective is for the individual to gain a stronger foothold in the job market, and more training will also contribute to improving the job market structures in Africa.

An example is IFU’s  financial support to a training programme in Asilia Africa, which operates a number of lodges in Kenya and Tanzania. The programme will offer at least 70 local youth tailormade training within several vocational professions, such as waiter, chef, safari guide, manager and service employee. In that way, the absence of tourists caused by covid-19 can be used to give the young employees an opportunity to upgrade and diversify their qualifications and improve their job and earning opportunities in the future. Moreover, the training will have a positive impact on the company’s productivity and quality.

Combined theoretical and practical training

The training programme is based on combining theoretical and practical learning directly on the job. A few of the company’s safari lodges will temporarily be used for training purposes where the course participants will be imitating a fully operational lodge with all job functions.

The training takes place over the course of a month and will be followed by a mentoring program providing the course participants with further theoretical and practical training within their job area. The mentoring scheme runs for three to six months depending on the job.

Training with diploma

In Africa, employee training is often based on peer training without a theoretical foundation, which means that the qualifications obtained cannot be transferred to a certificate or diploma. This makes it difficult for employees to provide documentation to new employers when they move on in their career.

Consequently, The training programme carried out at Asilia Africa is certified by internationally recognised training institutions within the hospitality and safari guiding sector. All participants will receive a diploma to prove that they have completed a professional training course.

Part of IFU’s covid-19 effort

IFU’s support to training in Asilia Africa is part of IFU’s overall effort to support companies and employees in handling the consequences of covid-19. IFU has made an extraordinary commitment of DKK 7.5m to IFU Sustainability Facility to support various efforts such as purchasing protective equipment and training employees in the project companies.