30 April 2018


In 2017, IFU entered into agreements of DKK 1.3bn, which is a new record. The investments have a broad impact on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and will among other things lead to new jobs, production of sustainable energy and local tax payments.

In 2017, IFU and IFU managed funds signed 37 investment agreements at a total of DKK 1.3bn. This is a new record and a 15 per cent increase compared to 2016.

– We are very pleased that once again we have been able to set a new investment record and strengthened our efforts to improve the living conditions for people in the developing countries, said Tommy Thomsen, CEO of IFU.

Including the new investments, IFU has contributed financing and knowledge to more than 1,250 project companies in over 100 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Total investments in the project companies are DKK 184m, of which IFU has contributed DKK 20bn in share capital, loans and guarantees.

Investments impact the development goals positively

The new investments have a broad impact on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and will all contribute positively to the realisation of goals 1, 8 and 17 concerning No poverty, Decent jobs and economic growth, and Partnership for the goals, respectively. A number of the investments will also contribute positively to e.g. goal no 2; Zero Hunger, goal 13; Climate action and goal 5; Gender equality. In total, IFU’s investments impact 12 of the 17 goals.

– For the first time ever, we have measured the impact of our investments on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. And it is very positive that they contribute broadly to the realisation of the goals, which are important benchmarks in creating a better world towards 2030, said Tommy Thomsen.

Contributes with jobs and taxes

It is expected that the new investments will lead to the creation and retention of more than 5,000 direct jobs, while the investments within e.g. climate contribute to the installation of 345MW wind and solar power, which will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 9.5 million tonnes CO2e.

At year-end 2017, IFU had an active portfolio of more than 200 project companies. They employed more than 180,000 people and reported local taxes of DKK 2.8bn in their latest accounts.

– I think we can be proud that together with the Danish state and private investors we have contributed to creating very specific results to the benefit of a significant number of people in the poorer parts of the world, said Tommy Thomsen.

A positive result

The net result across IFU and IFU managed funds was DKK 186m.

IFU Annual report 2017