10 November 2022


IFU has sold its shares in Saraf Foods. The company is producing and selling freeze and air dried food based on locally sourced inputs from local farmers in India. IFU’s investment was made on behalf of the Danish Agribusiness Fund, which is a public-private investment fund backed by large Danish pension funds.

In 2018 and 2019, IFU invested DKK 17m in Saraf Foods Limited, an Indian company producing air dried, freeze dried and IQF fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, sprouts, lentils, chicken along with many other ingredients. Saraf Foods products are sold in India and Europe.

The proceeds from IFU’s investment were used to grow the company by setting up new production lines and expanding into IQF and air drying of fruits and vegetables, amongst other things.

The inputs are sourced from hundreds of farmers in nearby villages, and Saraf Foods is assisting farmers in growing crops using sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare.

The investment in Saraf Foods was made on behalf of the Danish Agribusiness Fund, which was set up as a public private partnership to support private sector companies within sustainable food production in developing countries and emerging markets.

Saraf Foods has now been sold to Roha Dyechem.

“Our investment in Saraf Foods has served its purpose by growing the company and increasing its positive impact for hundreds of local farmers in India. We are pleased to sell our shares to Roha Dyechem, who we believe has the power to take Saraf Foods to the next level,” said Rohit Goyal, Investment Director in IFU.