12 September 2022


Again this year, IFU is rewarded for its sustainability work with a place on the SMV COP list 2022. The list is prepared by Global Compact Network Denmark and FSR – Danish Auditors.

Together with nine other SMEs IFU has been rewarded for being one of the best to report on sustainability. The ten companies are on the SME COP list 2022.

”IFU is very proud that our work within sustainability has been recognised. Sustainability is an integral part of our DNA when we invest in private companies in developing countries, and therefore it must of course also be clear in our annual reporting.”
Torben Huss, CEO of IFU.

IFU’s Annual Report 2021 was nominated with the following motivation: IFU Annual Report 2021 is highlighted for a fine and clear report that has a good link between strategy and SDGs, supported by visualisations to provide overview. From the 98-page report, pages 30-35 are emphasised for a table providing an overview of IFU’s contribution to the SDGs. It gives a positive insight into the investments made by IFU, and their importance to continuous changes and sustainability. IFU works with an investment model focussing on input, investments and impact. The model helps in a clear way to present data on the three parts of the investment. In addition, the report’s use of individual cases contributes to the reader’s insight into IFU’s work