27 February 2008


Starting in the autumn semester 2008, IFU, the Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries, will introduce a brand new concept for Danish students. The Fund will offer two internships at its regional offices in Nairobi and Beijing. The main task of the students will be to make an analysis of sustainable climate investments in emerging markets.

IFU has contributed to the development of the developing countries during the past 40 years. This does not happen through development assistance or business support, but by investing with Danish companies in projects that are thought to have a positive and lasting effect on the development. This is, in other words, a win-win situation for both the developing countries and the Danish companies.

New offer for internships: sustainable climate investments
This year, as something new, IFU will offer two students an internship at two of IFU’s regional offices, in Beijing and Nairobi. The internships will contribute to IFU’s extensive work within CSR.

“During their stay, the students will be responsible for making an analysis of the possibilities and barriers for investing in renewable energy and improving the efficiency of the energy sources in the Chinese and East African markets”, says Klaus Fridorf, IFU’s Head of Communications.

“The analysis must amongst other things clarify the national governments’ policies in relation to climate investments, possible stakeholders, market potential and possibilities for matchmaking with the European market.”

The analysis should be based on desk-studies and interviews with relevant people.

Negotiations with local and Danish companies
During their stay, the students will also participate in IFU’s work with Danish and local companies. The students will assist in the assessment of new projects, financial possibilities, environmental conditions, etc.

The internship is unpaid, but IFU will cover all expenses for food, accommodation, flight tickets to Nairobi and Beijing, respectively, visa and vaccinations. The deadline for applying for the internships on IFU’s homepage is 1 March 2008. Apart from a short application, a CV must be attached and answers to 1 to 3 questions concerning development in third world countries should be considered.

Example of IFU’s work with environment and human rights
“An example of how IFU’s investments do not only contribute to creating employment and development in third world countries is Congolaise Industrielle de Bois, CIB, in Congo”, says Birgitte Bang, Head of IFU’s CSR Unit. “IFU’s investment in Congo’s largest forestry company has contributed to creating and maintaining more than 2,000 local jobs and incomes for a large number of families. At the same time, we have brought environment into focus; for one thing we have involved Greenpeace in the FSC-certification of the wood from the forest.

The forestry project is already operated according to environmentally and socially sustainable principles. The felling takes place without harming the natural forest, and only a specified number of trees may be cut every year. “Apart from this, the forestry project shows consideration to the local population that includes some of the world’s last pygmies, who live in the forest”, Birgitte Bang explains. “Finally, the people working in the forestry project are offered accommodation, electricity, water, access to free medical treatment and schools for their children.”