2 July 2021


IFU joins the 2XCollaborative established to expand gender lens investing to an even wider group of commercial investors. The initiative is supported by some of the largest names in the investment industry.

IFU is a member of the 2X Challenge, established in 2018 by a group of Development Finance Institutions, and is now also joining the extension called the 2XCollaborative, which is launched by the members of the 2X Challenge and Multilateral Development Banks. Between 2018 and 2020, the 2X Challenge raised USD 7 billion in gender lens investment and has set itself the challenge of raising further USD 15 billion over the next two years.

2XCollaborative is membership based, and its goal is to expand gender lens investing practices to a wider group of commercial investors. The initiative has been boosted by the Investment Leadership Network with 14 members and combined assets of over USD 5 trillion under management, which is now giving its support to the 2XCollaborative. The partnership with ILN is expected to mobilise an accelerated flow of private capital into gender-lens investment products. Core partner is also the GenderSmart investing initiative, which acts a one-stop shop for gender lens investing.

“IFU is proud to watch gender lens investing grow and increase its momentum further with this extension of partners in the 2XCollaborative, and IFU will work actively with our pipeline and portfolio to increase the gender lens focus and hereby support women as part of the impact creation in our investments.”

Birgitte Bang Nielsen, Sustainability Director, IFU.

It is becoming more and more evident that identifying effective ways to support women as entrepreneurs, leaders, employees and consumers will increase gender equity, reduce poverty and promote more inclusive economic growth.

The 2XCollaborative will bring together investors deploying capital with a gender lens. Members will gain access to peer learning networks, co-investment platforms, training opportunities and new investment tools, among other things.