13 February 2017


IFU has signed a financing agreement with the Danish engineering company, Dynatest, to expand its presence in Latin American countries.

Infrastructure investments are currently a top priority in the Latin American economies, where major initiatives seek to improve and develop local roads and airports. In 2016, the Colombian Government launched a $24 billion infrastructure programme expected to deliver 5,892 kilometres of roads through three waves of public-private-partnerships. Other Latin American countries are following, and the Latin American infrastructure sector is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

This presents a great opportunity for Danish companies that can position themselves to reap the benefits of such new global mega-trends. Dynatest is exactly such a company.

Dynatest was founded in 1976 and is a highly specialised pavement equipment and computer software programme manufacturer and developer. Dynatest is recognised as one of the top three global brands within pavement testing and an overall leading supplier of pavement engineering services and products to the global community.

Dynatest has already established sales in Colombia, Peru and Chile, but the new investment will assist the company in consolidating its position, increase its local availability of advanced pavement engineering equipment and thereby expand its services in present and new markets. The high-quality products provided by the Danish front-runner will help improve infrastructural standards in a continent that historically has lagged behind other developing countries within infrastructure and road development.

– IFU and Dynatest’s cooperation in Latin America will enhance the potential for success in the coming years, and we very much look forward to the journey together, said Christian Lanng Nielsen, CEO, Dynatest.

The investment illustrates how IFU, alongside Danish companies, can contribute to the Latin American development in infrastructure. IFU looks forward to cooperating with Dynatest to grow its Latin American business.

– We are very pleased to have assisted Dynatest in their expansion in Latin America, and we are ready to advise and co-invest with other Danish companies having a business potential in Latin America, said Helle Bjerre, Vice President for Latin America at IFU.