20 November 2012


FynBloem, which produces flowers in South Africa, is the winner of the IFU CSR award 2012. The company and IFU’s Danish partner accepted the award in connection with the CSR Awards that were held in Sønderborg.

This year’s winner of the IFU CSR Investment award is FynBloem.

In their motivation for presenting this year’s award to FynBloem, IFU’s jury emphasized the company’s positive growth, its impressive work with climate and environmental issues, its impressive and contagious commitment and its ability to improve the employees’ skills. Those were the words used by the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Mr Christian Friis Bach, when he announced the winner at the CSR Awards.

The Minister also emphasized that the company’s CSR efforts are anchored in all decisions, and that all employees are involved through staff committees with focus on occupational health and safety, gender equality and environment and nature.

CO2 reduction of up to 98 per cent

FynBloem also won the award because the company is focussed on reducing energy consumption for production and transportation.

Newly built production facilities utilise light to the maximum, and solar panels provide electricity for lighting as well as cooling. FynBloem plans to transport flowers overseas by sea in stead of by plane, reducing CO2 emission by up to 98 per cent.

Happy winners

The Danish partner Laurits Møller Larsen from Larsen A/S, which grows Christmas trees in Funen, and two employees from the company in south Africa accepted the award, which was presented by IFU’s Head of CSR, Ms Birgitte Bang Nielsen.

Noah Chinyanga, who is a field worker at FynBloem, gave the acceptance speech on behalf of FynBloem. He mentioned among other things that it is important for FynBloem to set goals for its CSR work and get everyone involved. Inclusion and workers’ participation create team spirit and commitment.