patients to receive oncology treatment
expected to receive diagnostic tests
per cent of diagnosed and treated women are women

The healthcare provider now plans to diversify its services to contribute to Morocco's broader national strategy on healthcare.

ODM is a leading healthcare provider in Morocco specialized in treating cancer. The company dedicates itself to delivering high-quality medical services to its patients. Cancer is a growing disease in Morocco and under-equipment in the healthcare sector leads to a substantial proportion of cancer cases currently not being treated. ODM seeks to make up for the significant lack of cancer screening and introduces specific medical equipment and increased capacity and access to treatment of cancer.

ODM aims to screen around 230,000 patients for cancer and provide treatment for 730,000 patients over the next five years.

“We are thrilled to have IFU as our partner in this endeavour. This substantial investment will empower us to further our mission of providing world-class healthcare services to the Moroccan population. We believe that our partnership with IFU will drive innovation, increase our reach, and help us meet the evolving healthcare needs of our country.”

Mohamed Elmandjra, ODM’s Founder and CEO.

Realization of national healthcare strategy
IFU’s investment is instrumental in bolstering ODM’s efforts to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality across Morocco. The investment will serve a dual purpose, enabling ODM to not only expand its existing network, but also diversify its service offerings, thus contributing to the realization of Morocco’s broader national healthcare strategy.

“We are excited to support ODM in its mission to advance healthcare services in Morocco. This investment aligns with our commitment to fostering sustainable development and improving access to more affordable healthcare services in emerging markets. ODM’s vision and track record in delivering healthcare excellence make them an ideal partner for this endeavour.”

Lisbeth Erlands, Senior Vice President at IFU.

Investment year: 2023
SDG Fund investment: DKK 157m
Expected total investment: DKK 157m

  • Diagnostic and treatment

    Diagnostic and treatment will improve public health.

  • Access for more

    More people will gain access to cancer treatment.