million lives impacted
million more people with no previous access to financial services to be served
Indian states represented in company operations

Targeting Indian states with low levels of financial inclusion, Arohan supports two million people with microfinance. The majority are women.

Arohan Financial Services is a leading microfinance institution in India serving around two million clients of which more than 98 per cent are women. The company targets states in India with low levels of financial inclusion, and has operations spread across 17 states and 250 districts. Assets under management is around DKK 4 billion (EUR 0.54 billion).

“Our focus is on being an IT enabled, differentiated MFI with a strong focus on ESG. We look forward to scaling the business over the next few years in this priority area for the country.”

Manoj Kumar Nambiar, MD Arohan

Wants to impact 20 million lives
Arohan’s mission is to empower underserved households by offering a range of financial services, in a manner sustainable for all stakeholders. The organisation envisions to impact over 20 million lives by 2027 and reach five million underserved households by 2025.

The ambitious impact is being delivered through “Arohan Privilege”, a first in the sector digital lending platform for microfinance borrowers that makes it future ready. Moreover, the company will initiate the development of a climate strategy, which will include initiatives around products targeting access to water & sanitation, home light appliances and insurance in relation to climate resilience matters, for example.

“IFU has a strong focus on creating just and inclusive societies, while promoting green transition. Therefore, we look forward to working together with Arohan in integrating products and services, within its investment strategy that can assist clients in investing in climate smart products and services as well as improve their resilience towards climate change.”

Nitish Chawla, Senior Investment Manager, IFU.

Investment year: 2023
SDG Fund investment: DKK 166m
Expected total investment: DKK 425m

  • Alleviating poverty

    The investment will help alleviate poverty in India.

  • Majority are women

    Arohan serves two million people, of whom 98 per cent are women.

  • Empowering underserved households

    The investment will empower underserved households through financial services.

  • More financial inclusion

    The investment will improve financial inclusion, reducing inequality.