IFU to invest in more emerging markets
The Danish Parliament has decided to broaden the scope of IFU’s activities. This means that IFU can invest in more emerging markets as e.g. Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey and Mexico and continue to invest in China and Colombia.
IFU calls for nominees for the CSR Abroad award
For the second time IFU, Danida and The Trade Council will present the CSR Abroad prize to the most sustainable investment in developing countries.
Continued progress at IFU
IFU continued to expand its activities in 2014 and contracted investments of DKK 960m. Net income was DKK 149m, which is twice as much as in 2013.

Investment and development

IFU offers advice and risk capital to Danish companies investing in developing countries and emerging markets. The purpose is to contribute to the economic and social development in the host countries.

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