24 April 2024


Danmark has allocated DKK 40m to reconstruct water supply in the Korabelnyi district in Mykolaiv to the benefit of 70,000 residents. The financing will be made through Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF).

Nefco and the city of Mykolaiv have signed an investment grant agreement to implement the reconstruction of a water supply system for a selected district in the city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine. Funds of up to DKK 40 million (approximately EUR 5.36 million) have been allocated to the implementation of the project and supporting activities from Denmark, through the Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF).

  • Funds of up to DKK 40 million (approximately EUR 5.36 million) have been allocated to facilitate the implementation of the reconstruction of water supply system for a selected district in Mykolaiv city, Ukraine, and supporting activities.
  • The aim of the Non-Revenue Water project is to improve the reliability, sustainability and resilience of the water supply infrastructure and reduce water losses.
  • Due to its high population density, the Korabelnyi district in Mykolaiv has been pinpointed as the focus area for project implementation. Over 70,000 residents are set to benefit from improved water supply services.

The aim is to provide financing to Mykolaiv to improve non-revenue water management and rebuild the city’s water supply infrastructure. Due to its high population density, the residential district of Korabelnyi has been selected as the focus area for project implementation.

Korabelnyi’s existing water distribution network faces significant challenges. The infrastructure is in poor technical condition, with pipe leakages reaching around 40%. In addition, the pumping equipment at its three main booster pumping stations is outdated, unregulated, and inadequate for current water supply demands. Water consumption in this area suffers from low metering levels, resulting in inaccurate accounting. Addressing these issues is crucial for improving Korabelnyi’s water supply infrastructure and ensuring efficient resource management.

The aim of the project is to rehabilitate the existing water system, which will improve its reliability and sustainability. Over 70,000 Korabelnyi residents are set to benefit from these improved water supply services.

The project entails several key measures. First, approximately 11 kilometres of pipes are slated for replacement, constituting about 8% of the total network in Korabelnyi. Second, 55 master meters equipped with remote data collection in multi-storey apartment buildings are to be installed. Last, the project involves the replacement of pumps in three booster water pumping stations. These changes are projected to lead to municipal budget savings of approximately EUR 93,000 annually.

“Denmark assumed special patronage over the city and region of Mykolaiv following the request from President Zelensky, made during his address to the Danish parliament in the tense times of March 2022. Since then, this patronage has evolved into a unique multi-faceted partnership that covers multiple areas of cooperation. The underlying philosophy of the Mykolaiv-Denmark partnership is that we should not wait for peace to rebuild and relaunch, thereby contributing to Ukraine’s resilience. Therefore, Denmark is proud to support another aid package aimed at increasing the reliability and sustainability of the municipal water network, which serves over 70,000 residents in the City of Heroes,” says Jens Martin Alsbirk, Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Danish Embassy, Kyiv.

“This project is the first to be financed by DSIF and it aims to restore the drinking water supply for the population of Mykolaiv. The signed grant agreement demonstrates DSIF’s commitment to contribute to the rebuilding of Mykolaiv now and in the years to come, as part of Denmark’s overall support to Ukraine.”

Annemette Ditlevsen, Investment Director, IFU.

“The issue of water supply remains a priority for Mykolaiv. Together with our donors and partners, DSIF, the Danish government and Nefco, we are channeling all our efforts into restoring the centralised drinking water supply. We are also working on reconstructing the networks that have been significantly damaged by saltwater use. I am grateful to Nefco that we are launching this project to rebuild the water supply system in the Korabelnyi district, where the distribution network is in a particularly poor technical condition and needs to be replaced. I hope that implementing this project will reduce water losses and improve water supply services for more than 70,000 residents of Mykolaiv living in this area,” says Oleksandr Syenkevych, Mayor of Mykolaiv.

“Since 2021, Nefco has managed grant funds for Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF). Together, we are working towards the timely and effective implementation of this latest project which will be the first of several Danish investments in Mykolaiv infrastructure which seek to improve Mykolaiv’s water infrastructure, strengthen its resilience, and build the city’s capacity to respond to war-generated impacts. The goal is to provide decent level of water supply services to the city population and internally displaced people.”

Iryna Fedorenko, Investment Adviser at Nefco.

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