5 April 2022


Update on progress of project development and timeline: Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance provides funding for the Wakiso West Water and Sanitation project in Uganda.

The consultancy assignment for design and supervision as well as the works contract are tendered to Danish Companies or Joint Ventures (with a Danish lead). Sub-consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers of equipment can participate in the project by teaming up with the Danish main consultants or contractors.

The timeline for further project development is:

February 2022 Pre-qualification of design & supervision (D&S) consultants – finalised.
March 2022 Request for Proposals for D&S consultants issued to the pre-qualified consultants.
April/May 2022 Evaluation of D&S consultants’ bids.
May/June 2022 Signing of D&S consultancy contract.
First half of 2023 Pre-qualification of Danish Contractors or Joint Ventures with a Danish lead.
Second half of 2023 Procurement of works contractors.
First half 2024 Signing of woks contract (contract becomes effective once the loan has been approved by Parliament).
First half 2024 Signing of loan agreement and parliamentary approval of the loan agreement.
Mid 2024 Commencement of the works contract.

The timeline will be updated as project development progresses.

Current status of Wakiso West Water and Sanitation project:
National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has pre-qualified three consultancy companies to tender for the design and supervision assignment. The procurement process is expected to be finalised mid-2022.

Subsequently, the consultant will prepare design and tender documents and provide support to NWSC for procurement of the works contract. During the early stages of the design phase, NWSC will invite the potential Danish contractors to discuss:

  • Procurement with specific focus on life cycle costing and project sustainability.
  • Design of technical solutions and systems appropriate to local conditions.
  • Contract issues and risks to be addressed to enable the contractor to provide international competitive prices.

“The Wakiso West Water and Sanitation project is in progress. As water is a key priority area for DSIF, I am happy to announce that the next water and sanitation project in Uganda, covering the Jinga-Iganga area, has been identified. This will also ensure project continuity for Danish companies. Consultancy assignments for preparation of a feasibility study will be tendered in late 2022, after preliminary assessment/approval by the Danida Programme Committee.”

Tina Kollerup Hansen, Vice President, IFU

Project background:
The Wakiso West Water and Sanitation Project has been approved by the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and will be financed by a subsidised loan through Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance. The contract sum for works is expected to be in the range of one billion Danish Kroner. The loan has a 50% grant element.

The project outputs are:

  1. Construction of a new 62,500 m3/d Water Treatment Plant and Water Transmission System in Wakiso West
  2. Construction of a 400 m3/d Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant in Wakiso West
  3. Installation of 940 Communal Water Dispensers in informal settlements.
  4. Installation of 2,95 MW capacity of solar energy at the WTP, FSTP and pumping stations.
  5. Temporary and permanent jobs with the construction/operation of the new water and sanitation systems

The project outcomes are:

  1. Around 1 million people in Wakiso West have access to clean and affordable water, including around 160,000 people living in informal settlements
  2. Pollution of the environment from dumping of faecal sludge has been reduced.
  3. The potential savings from energy-efficient pumping and use of renewable energy have been demonstrated.
  4. NWSC’s capacity to manage water and sanitation system improved
  5. Local jobs created for women and men

Photo courtesy of National Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC)