9 December 2019


To mark the International Anti-Corruption Day, IFU launches its anti-corruption campaign.

IFU recognises that corruption is one of the greatest barriers to sustainable development with a disproportionate impact on developing countries, and that combating corruption is a key element in poverty alleviation. IFU has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and requires the companies in which it invests to take a clear stand against corruption.

In order for the companies to implement a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption, IFU has prepared a leaflet with concrete tools and procedures in accordance with international principles and standards on anti-corruption. Tools and examples are presented in detail in the leaflet according to the headlines below:

  1. Template for an anti-corruption policy
  2. Examples of clauses with business partners
  3. Examples of internal procedures
  4. How to train and develop competences
  5. How to report

For more information, download the anti-corruption leaflet.