7 October 2002


Today, 7 October 2002, The Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, IØ, is awarded a Polish business prize for the 150 business projects which IØ, in cooperation with Danish companies, has helped establish in Poland.

The prize, named Navigator Award, will be presented to IØ in connection with a Baltic Sea conference in Gdansk. This conference is opened by the Polish President.

The prize is awarded by the Research Institute for Market Economy in Gdansk, in cooperation with the Polish authority for foreign investments, PAIZ.

The prize is given to Scandinavian enterprises setting a good example for business cooperation with Poland. The prize has been awarded twice before, to Vattenfall and IKEA.

Lisbeth Erlands, resident representative of IØ’s regional office in Warsaw, says:

“At IØ we are proud and happy to accept this award. We see it as recognition of the work done to promote Danish investments in Poland in the past 12 years. After the fall of the Wall in 1989 the Danish parliament reacted very quickly by establishing subsidy and financing schemes for the rebuilding of the new eastern economies. IØ was a result of this vision. With Poland now at the threshold to the EU, Denmark can be proud that with this award IØ has been recognised for our success and for the high standard that we try to set for our investments, i.a. in terms of environment and development.”

For further information, please contact Mrs Lisbeth Erlands, tel +48 39 12 23 58.