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Within the last few years, Aller Aqua, which is a global producer of environmentally friendly fish feed, has achieved a leading position in Egypt, the second largest market for breeding Tilapia fish.

Aller Aqua produces and sells fish feed globally. In 2011, they acquired a share in a fish feed factory in Egypt together with IFU. The Egyptian company, Aller Aqua Egypt, was established as a joint venture with a local partner.

Good partnership creates results

Since 2011, Aller Aqua Egypt has expanded their production and market share on an ongoing basis. With the establishment of Egypt’s largest and most modern fish feed factory in 2015, the company is now the largest producer of environmentally friendly quality fish feed in Egypt, with a total annual production capacity of 50,000 tons.

Despite the difficult political and economic conditions in Egypt, Aller Aqua has managed to create a successful business. It has taken thorough planning, on-going professional and technical advice from Aller Aqua Denmark and a positive collaboration with the local partner. A further increase in the production capacity has been initiated, and the objective is to reach 90,000 tons in a few years.

“Despite the difficult financial and political situation in Egypt, we have succeeded in gaining a foothold in the Egyptian market, and we are now expanding production further”

Hans Erik Bylling, CEO of Aller Aqua Group

Positive outlook on the market for fish feed

Egypt’s population of 85 million generally eats a lot of fish. Today, the country has a total annual Tilapia production of 900,000 tons and is hence the second largest producer of the popular edible fish. The government’s objective is to increase production to 1.5 million tons, of which 1 million should be produced through aqua culture.

Aller Aqua Egypt continuously focuses on getting the fish farmers to replace their usual fish feed with the company’s quality feed, which is a little more expensive but also more environmentally friendly, with a higher return on the feed, which also leads to a better taste in the end product.

Most recently, Aller Aqua has launched a new product, “Tilapia anti-stress”, in the Egyptian market. In March 2016, the product won an award for best new fish feed at an exhibition in Dubai.

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