IFU is managed by a board appointed by the Minister for Development Cooperation. The day-to-day management is performed by IFU’s managing director.

    Furthermore, IFU has an extensive network of external advisers with great know-how and management experience from companies in Denmark and abroad.

    Organisational chart


    Michael Rasmussen | Chairman
    Member since 2000
    MSc (Economics). CEO, Nykredit. Other board memberships: Nykredit Bank A/S (chairman), Totalkredit A/S (chairman), Finance Denmark (chairman), Copenhagen Business School.

    Lars Andersen | Deputy Chairman
    Member since 1994
    MSc (Economics). Managing Director, The Economic Council of the Labour Movement.
    Other board memberships: Industripension Holding A/S, Industriens Pensionsforsikring A/S, Arbejdernes Landsbank A/S.

    Jens Jørgen Kollerup
    Member since 2009
    MSc (Dairy science). Managing Director, Ormholt A/S. Other board memberships: Arctic Group A/S, Vermund Larsen A/S (chairman), Royal Danish Fish Group.

    Bjarne H. Sørensen
    Member since 2012
    MSc (Civil Engineering). Ambassador (retired).

    Dorrit Vanglo
    Member since 2012
    MSc (Economics). CEO, Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond.
    Other board memberships: Kapitalforeningen LD (chairman), EKF – Danmarks Eksportkredit (vice chairman), Eksportkreditfinansiering A/S, Investeringsforeningen Lægernes Invest, Det Danske Hedeselskab, Dalgas Group A/S, Komiteen for god Fondsledelse.

    Mads Kjær
    Member since 2015
    Managing Director, Kjaer Group A/S
    Other board memberships: Kjaer Group A/S, Udsyn A/S, Ejendomsselskabet Svendborg ApS.

    Charlotte Jepsen
    Member since 2017
    MSc (Social Sciences)
    Managing Director, FSR – Danish Auditors.
    Other board memberships: Plan Danmark, Pantebrevselskabet Boligkredit A/S.



    Ole Thonke
    Board observer
    Member since 2017
    Ambassador, Head of Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs





    Torben Huss | Acting CEO
    MSc (Political Science), Copenhagen University
    PhD (Business Economics), CBS
    Board memberships: JØP.


    Companies entering into dialogue with IFU can draw directly on a diverse group of IFU advisers, who have special expertise or local knowledge of the area in which project establishment is contemplated

    IFU has approximately 30 consultants and advisers in 20 countries around the world.

    The network is extended continuously with the purpose of offering the best possible guidance when it comes to choice of partners, preparation and implementation of the projects.

    Most of the advisers are senior businessmen with considerable commercial experience. They have run their own business or have held a leading position in a local company. They have in-depth knowledge of local business culture, investment authorities, local financing institutions, accountants, lawyers, etc.

    The advisers can be contacted through IFU: Tel +45 33 63 75 00 or

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