IFU's sustainability communication

We communicate openly about our efforts and the results of our sustainability work, and we make annual progress reports to the UN Global Compact.

IFU believes that being open about our efforts and results is the best foundation for our external communication. We are prepared to share the methods and tools that we apply when we appraise the project companies, and how we contribute to the companies becoming sustainable through advice, training and competence building.

We present our work on sustainability as part of our financial annual report as required according to the Danish Financial Statements Act. We also report annually to the UN Global Compact about the progress in our efforts to implement the ten principles.

When it comes to our business operations, IFU is not subject to the Danish Open Files Act, and information from the project companies are therefore treated confidentially. We are however subject to the Environmental Information Act. That means that we might be obligated to disclose information about the environmental impact of the project companies, if journalists or other interested parties request access to information. As a first step we will always contact the project company involved and encourage it to get in touch with the interested party requesting access to information.  

IFU has a Sustainability Advisory Board with representatives of important stakeholders within environment. human rights, development and company policies. We regularly invite these stakeholders to meetings about the challenges, dilemmas and possibilities of IFU's sustainability work.

Contact persons
Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Head of Sustainability and Corporate Governance
Tel.: +45 33 63 75 16
Mob.: +45 20 66 79 64

Birgitte Bang Nielsen

Birgitte Bang Nielsen

Sustainability Director
Tel.: +45 33 63 75 26
Mob.: +45 22 68 75 26