How IFU works with sustainability

IFU conducts a screening of sustainability-relevant issues in all project companies, and ensures that they prepare action plans and anchor the sustainability work in the organisation.

When a company applies for financial participation in an investment project from IFU, we conduct a screening of sustainability-relevant issues in the company. The screening takes its starting point in the company itself, the type of project, and the host country in which the project will take place.

IFU's sustainability objectives must be anchored in the business strategies of the project companies and must be fully adapted to and integrated into their procedures and daily operations. IFU therefore induces each project company to adopt a written sustainability policy, which clearly defines and describes its vision, strategy and operational guidelines.

The next step is that IFU and the project company prepare a long-term action plan to be implemented in the day-to-day management. This will ensure that the work on environment, work environment, labour rights and human rights continues as a natural part of operations, also when IFU exits the company.

Whether it complies with IFU's requirements or is in the process of implementing a sustainability action plan, the project company must prepare and annual sustainability status report. The report must be presented for approval by the company's board of directors.

IFU regularly carries out or asks external experts to conduct sustainability reviews of either country or sector portfolios. The reviews include external environment, work environment, safety and labour and human rights. The coverage of the issues has developed over the years in line with the development in IFU's sustainability policy. In recent years, reviews have been conducted in Thailand (2015), West Africa (2012), southern and eastern Africa (2010), China (2008), India (2007) and Vietnam (2005).

Contact persons
Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Head of Sustainability and Corporate Governance
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Birgitte Bang Nielsen

Birgitte Bang Nielsen

Sustainability Director
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