Sustainable investments

IFU’s investments should be sustainable and contribute to environmental and socially responsible development in the projects we invest in.

IFU’s objective is that our investments should contribute to lasting economic, environmental and socially sustainable development in the host country. This should happen through the creation of healthy and safe workplaces and transfer of knowledge and clean technologies. We wish to contribute to the social and economic development of the local community - and we encourage the project companies to engage themselves locally. In that way our investments can develop into healthy and sustainable businesses.

We believe that to create business value and be successful implementing sustainability it is important that sustainability is anchored in the project companies' business strategy, and we encourage the companies to integrate sustainability in all decisions and management systems.

We also encourage the companies to communicate openly about sustainability to keep up to date with the views and expectations of external parties and to improve the reputation and competitiveness of the companies so they can attract and retain customers, investors and employees.

The project companies are always welcome to contact us regarding sustainability issues related to specific projects and countries. We will assist with advice and guidance from our many years of experience.

Contact persons
Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Head of Sustainability and Corporate Governance
Tel.: +45 33 63 75 16
Mob.: +45 20 66 79 64

Birgitte Bang Nielsen

Birgitte Bang Nielsen

Sustainability Director
Tel.: +45 33 63 75 26
Mob.: +45 22 68 75 26