Taxes are important for local development

Taxes paid by companies are important for national and local authorities to develop and finance welfare related services. In the financial year 2013 IFU invested companies reported a total of DKK 336m i corporate and other taxes.

Establishing physical and social infrastructure is important for the development in any country and for all citizens. Many of these welfare-related initiatives are financed by taxes paid by individuals and companies. Therefore companies contributing with tax revenue from wages paid to employees and profits have a high development effect.

In 2013, IFU started to collect information on corporate and other taxes paid by the active projects in IFU’s portfolio. The figures presented below are primarily related to the financial year 2013. Figures from companies not reporting for a full calendar year are based on the latest available annual report.

In total, IFU has information on taxes paid from 140 companies. Tax information for investments in funds, projects under establishment, in the process of being exited or with no activity is not included.

The 140 companies included reported a total of DKK 336m in corporate and other taxes. Taxes paid by employees are not included in these figures. 




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