Investments of more than DKK 115 billion

With a DKK 1 billion contribution from the Danish state, IFU has contributed to investments of DKK 115 billion.

IFU provides venture capital to Danish enterprises establishing companies in developing countries. These investments are made on commercial terms by committing share capital or by providing loans or guarantees. When the share capital has been redeemed or the loans repaid, IFU invests the proceeds in new companies.

Funds reinvested nine times

The close to DKK 1.1 billion contributed to IFU by the Danish state has been reinvested several times, resulting in expected investments in developing countries of more than DKK 118 billion,  of which IFU has contributed more than DKK 11 billion.

A limited commitment from the Danish state has thus generated major investments in developing countries. To date, IFU has repaid DKK 1.25 billion to the Danish state.

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