Education makes a difference

In countries where vocational training is scarce or non-existing, in-job training is essential.

Often, foreign enterprises experience difficulties in finding local staff with the right qualifications. The majority of these enterprises will therefore offer their employees the necessary training required to perform their specific functions.

Danish companies train local staff

More than 95 per cent of the companies in which IFU in 2014 has invested in expects to conduct training programmes for local staff. Such training may take place either in the local company or by sending employees on training courses in Denmark.

This way, local employees get a general competence enhancement and improve their qualifications. This, in turn, increases productivity and improves the employees' future prospects of finding alternative employment.

Financial support available

IFU is able to offer financial support for sustainability training courses in the local companies. Financial subsidies for such training courses are provided by way of a so-called Danida Grant, of which IFU has a total annual amount of DKK 3 million at our disposal.

Several of the companies in which IFU invests also participate in providing education for children and adults in their local area,  for example in the form of financial subsidies for the local elementary school, health education or adult education initiatives.

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