Countries where IFU, AIF, KIF and DAF can invest

Below you will find information about which countries IFU, the Arab Investment Fund (AIF), the Danish Climate Investment Fund (KIF) and the Danish Agribusiness Fund (DAF) can invest in.


IFU can invest in all countries on the OECD's DAC list of development aid recipients.

At least 50% of IFU's investments, measured over a rolling three year period, must be made in host countries with a GNI per capita income below 80% of the upper limit for LMIC (Lower Middle Income Countries), according to the World Bank's classification. In 2016 this limit is USD 3,300 (2014 level).

In 2015 81% of the investments were below the limit. Investments with a regional focus, and where the region includes countries both below and above the limit, are included in the specified percentage. 

Latest GNI per capita figures can found here (Atlas method),


Like IFU, KIF and DAF can invest in all countries on OECD's DAC list.


AIF can invest in seven selected countries in North Africa and the Middle East. These are: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Iraq.

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Last updated 18 February 2016.

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