Advisory services

With experience from close to 1,200 direct investments in developing countries and emerging markets, IFU provides professional advice to Danish companies wishing to do business in Africa, Asia, Latin America and parts of Europe.

IFU offers advisory services on such aspects as business opportunities, commercial legislation and culture in the host countries, business plan evaluation, localisation, recruitment and local partnerships.

We can also assist you in gaining easier access to local authorities and relevant lawyers, auditors and trade organisations.

IFU is on board all the way

IFU offers advice during the preparatory stages of the investment, in connection with establishing operations in the host country, and until the established company can operate on its own. We are often represented on the board of a project company established in the host country, and are thus on hand to share our knowledge and experience.

IFU also offers knowledge and advice on how to handle and comply with the sustainability requirements set out by IFU as well as those in force in the host countries.

Advisory services are provided by IFU's investment managers based in Copenhagen or at IFU's regional offices in China, India, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt and Colombia.

Large network of advisers

IFU's investment advisers have years of experience in investment in developing countries, and our local employees have extensive knowledge of such aspects as business climate, culture and language in the host country.

In addition, IFU has a large network of advisers in the host countries which we can refer Danish enterprises to, should they require further competent assistance.

Contact persons
Morten Christiansen

Morten Christiansen

Senior Vice President, Investment Management
Tel.: +45 33 63 75 20
Mob.: +45 22 68 75 20