Rambøll is increasing its market share in India

Rambøll has been established on the Indian market for several years. This has boosted growth and secured access to a wide range of Indian engineers. Consequently, the company has also improved its global competitiveness.

The consulting engineering company Rambøll has been established in India since 1998. This has both given Rambøll easier access to the Indian market and a large supply of engineers.

- Our establishment in India has strengthened our global competitiveness and has also helped us get a very strong foothold in a growing market, says Søren Holm Johansen, Executive Director at Rambøll.

Ongoing expansion of activities

In the beginning, Rambøll collaborated with an Indian company that primarily solved the engineering tasks surrounding infrastructure. Today, Rambøll is also engaged in e.g. telecommunication infrastructure, oil and gas and building design.

Growth in India has been high during the past ten years and investments in e.g. infrastructure have increased significantly. The telecommunications sector has also grown explosively and Rambøll has contributed to the development and design of mobile antennas, produced and developed by local partners.

Rambøll expects continued growth in revenue in India in the coming years.

Affordable engineers are strengthening Rambøll’s competitiveness

The access to thousands of affordable engineers together with the lower costs in India have also strengthened Rambøll globally and enabled the company to grow.

- The supply of engineers in Denmark is limited and wages are high. If we are to succeed in the global competition and in a price sensitive Indian market, it is necessary that we also recruit engineers abroad, says Søren Holm Johansen.

IFU has contributed to Rambøll’s success in India

IFU contributed to Rambøll's first investment in India and has since participated financially in subsequent acquisitions and mergers. IFU also has a seat on the Board of Rambøll’s Indian company.

- IFU's knowledge and understanding of Indian business conditions have certainly contributed to our success in India, says Søren Holm Johansen.
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