IFU as a fund manager

IFU has extensive experience in establishing and operating businesses in high-risk areas from its almost 1,200 contracted investments in more than 100 developing countries.

Backed by its unique expertise and efficient organisation, IFU provides professional advice on investing in developing countries and emerging markets.

IFU also acts as fund manager for other funds set up in  partnership with the Danish state and institutional investors.

For several years, IFU has been fund manager for IØ, the Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, and IFV, the Investment Fund for Emerging Markets.

The Arab Investment Fund

IFU and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up the Arab Investment Fund (AIF) in 2011. AIF co-invests with Danish companies in seven countries in North Africa and the Middle East. IFU acts as fund manager for AIF.

The Danish Climate Investment Fund

The Danish State, IFU and a number of institutional investors have establish the Danish Climate Investment Fund to contribute to reducing global warming through commercial investments and promote transfer of Danish climate technology. The current total commitment to the Danish Climate Investment Fund is DKK 1.3bn. IFU is fund manager for the Danish Climate Investment Fund.

IFU Investment Partners

IFU set up IFU Investment Partners in 2012 in collaboration with PKA and PBU, two Danish pension funds. The purpose of the new fund is to commit equity to project companies established by IFU in collaboration with Danish companies. IFU acts as fund manager for IFU Investment Partners.

Danish Microfinance Partners

In 2010, IFU, PKA and PBU invested in Danish Microfinance Partners (DMP), a fund investing in financial institutions with microfinancing exposure and in small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. Maj Invest acts as fund manager for DMP, and IFU provides consultant services to Maj Invest. 

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